Innovative Real Time Information


The TrackABus NZ service is originally based on the great work of the OneBusAway New York and OneBusAway teams. We would like to thank all the hard work of the people who have worked on the various OneBusAway projects, without which our real time information service would not be possible.

Special thanks are needed for the OneBusAway New York City team at MTA BusTime. The BusTime team developed the particular real time solution that is the bedrock of the TrackABus service. We would also like to thank the developers at the MTA, Cambridge Systematics, Open Plans Transportation and the wider OneBusAway community who have helped us launch this service with their time and knowledge – we hope they will be pleased to see their work helping get real time information to towns and cities across New Zealand.

If you are interested in the wider OneBusAway project please visit

We would also like to thank Ritchies Dunedin, Ewen McCammon and all the transport agencies who have supported the development of the TrackABus real time service from an early stage.