Innovative Real Time Information

No day to day management needed

A real time system for a smaller bus service cannot rely on operations staff performing key tasks in order for the service to work correctly. Key staff are often not available and during any issues the operations team have other critical tasks to perform. The TrackABus system:

  • Automatically assigns vehicles to trips
  • Allows manual corrections to be made but does not require any day to day management
  • Allows customer complaints to be investigated efficiently
  • Provides insights into service provision tied to the defined schedule information

Operational and planning data for agencies​

Without a real time system collecting and collating data it can be very expensive to investigate service performance. Often the main imperative to investigate a possible issue is after a complaint from a member of the public. The TrackABus system:

  • Allows passenger queries and complaints to be addressed efficiently
  • Provides live reporting on current and historic service performance
  • Records detailed location data that can be used for planning
  • Improves communication with operator through shared view of service

Consistent information for passengers

Passengers want real time information delivered to them in the way they find easiest to access. An app is often great for a regular commuter but may be inconvenient to install for a visitor. The key is to provide consistent, accurate information across multiple channels. The TrackABus system provides:

  • A standard web and mobile web interface, lowering initial setup costs
  • Pre-defined integration options to allow real time content to be embedded in existing web sites
  • A real time interface that has been successfully integrated into 3rd party signage and smartphone apps
  • Signage solutions, including on bus displays

TrackABus provides services in the following locations:

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